No eggs for two days - should I be worried?


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My WH has been laying one egg a day consistently for over 6 months, then, nothing for two days! She doesn't look weird nor is she acting funny. Any advice?

It depends if there is something else going on if this is bad or not. Alot - almost all - health issues have the symptom of "dropped egg production". With that said, there is also times where they just take a break... like in a molt, or for me the 4th of July (stress stops their laying too and I got pre-teen boys for neighbors who love firecrackers). Also sometimes something has found a way in and eats the eggs... or stresses the birds out by breaking in... or both.

Do you have lathargic birds? they eatting well? any sneezing? nose drainage? rumpled and rough looking feathers? strange poo? pale legs? Ect...ect.
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If she is free range she could be 'squirreling' them away getting ready to brood. Look in out of the way places. Mine lay under bushes. Good luck. My muscovy dug a hole in a wood pile - took me for ever to find her.
Thanks for the replies.
They get locked up at night so nothing could have gotten it. I usually find the eggs in the same spot of the duck house every morning when I let them out. They do free-range all day and I have checked her usual spot in the yard and found nothing. She's acting normal.

Her feathers do look a little "rumpled". For lack of a better word. They haven't had a pool for a while because of the freezing temps.

Thanks again.
Unless she starts acting weird, I wouldn't worry. Most ducks will stop laying for a while before during and after a moult. Growing new feathers takes a lot of energy, and it's hard to do that and make eggs at the same time. It's better for their health this way. If she's looking "rumpled," then it's probably a moult. Good luck!
This answeres my questions too. I was coming on here to ask why my girls would suddenly stop laying. I thought maybe the squirrels were stealing the eggs again. However I did notice they are starting to molt. I was a little worried when they stopped after only starting to lay in December. They arent sick so I'll assume its from the molting.
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