NO EGGS! Older chickens on strike.


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Oct 6, 2009
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We have 5 chickens. Two of them are 3yrs and the other three are 2 yrs old. Hubby kept a light on them during the coldest winter nights and they laid eggs all winter. Now that we have the light eggs. It's really nice out now so not sure what gives?
Same pellet food plus scraps all the times. They have oyster shell also.
All seem is molting.

Ideas??? Also....they live in a large fenced area w/ no hiding spots for eggs.
I have 2 old Buffs, not sure their age, that lay thin shelled Jumbo eggs, so they have to be pretty old. They haven't layed since the middle of Feb and all my other chickens are laying full blast. I figure the hens are all used up and if they don't lay anything soon they will get the hatchet.
The only thing about having no lights now is that we are only at 12+ hours of sunlight & chickens lay best at 14-16. Really depends on the amount of light you had them on during the winter. If you just turned out the light I suppose it could affect them for awhile.

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