No Eggs yesterday?

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Aug 21, 2011
Plymouth MA
I believe 3 of my 6 chicks are laying. I had been getting 1 egg a day for 10 days - there was only 1 day I did not have an egg. Then for 3 days I received 3 eggs a day. When my girls started they were laying in the morning. The first day I had 3 eggs the third was laid in the afternoon under the coop. After that all 3 layed in the afternoon in the nesting box. Seems like they were syncranizing their egg production. Yesterday I had no eggs. I had to go out at noon and before leaving I checked in the coop, in the nesting box and under the coop. No eggs. I did not get home until after dark and my girls had gone to bed so I could not look for eggs until this morning and eggs. Not even 1. My girls are kept in the run that is very secure with chicken wire on the top as well as all sides. No animals can get in and no chicks can get out. Everything was secure when I came home. Is it strange there was not even 1 egg?


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Mar 16, 2009
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nope not strange at all-Pullets are random. When they begin to lay-their systems are still wacky. I got 11 from my hens the other day and just the next:( Just the name of the game-with weather being a major factor as well as molting...I'd say in a month you should start to see routines and consistent numbers of eggs laid...
ps.."chicks" dont lay eggs-pullets and hens do

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