No Eggs Yet


5 Years
Mar 16, 2014
Mills River, NC
I'm a new chicken momma of 5 golden comets and 5 silverlace. They are now 22 weeks old and still no eggs. Several have very red combs and all squat when they are petted. I've read that they can start laying as early as 16 wks.
I have Rhode Island Reds and Buff Orphingtons. We saw our first egg at 20 weeks. But I've read it can take many more weeks than that. The Feed Store told us "4-6 months".
I think the squatting is a good sign. It should be any day now (our chickens were squatting only days before the first egg).
btw, I literally shrieked when I saw the first egg. It was broken and outside of the nesting boxes. But it WAS an egg.
Hang in there!!

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