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I have two beautiful female Dominiques (7mos old) and a very handsome Roo. They have been laying for about a month now bit Nicky has not laid an egg for three days. Maggie hasn't missed a day yet, is this nornal or is it something I should worry about? They both eat the same thing.
Sometimes they can get egg bound. We suspected that one of ours died from it when all the hens started laying. I'm no expert on what to do. I've read that some say put them in warm water...if she's got a hard tummy and is acting weid...maybe that's it???
Whenever people say "I've got no eggs from her" The first things that pop into my head are either A) Eggbound or B)Internal Layer.

If her abdomen is hard, immediately brind her inside and give her a warm water soaking bath. While she's soaking, gently massage her belly.

Im guessing feeding her olive oil soaked bread may help as well.
After rreading your comments, I went outside to check Nicky, she doesn't seem to be acting lathargic, but her abomen does seem to be a little hard. (I had to catch Maggie to compare, which has always been hard to do.). She let me put her in some warm water. How often should I do this. I'm so concern, she is the sweetest thing, drinks water fom my hand.
They are free roaming in the yard, do you think she has laid somewhere in the yard? Her normal laying time is earlier than Maggie, early in the morning but I hope you're right. I'll start searching.

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