No eggs???

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    So, I had 3 barred rocks laying tons of eggs together through the summer. Then they stopped back in eggs since

    And I have several other hens. In fact I have 6 large fowl hens and not a single one is LAYING. They are about 11 months the oldest. And I have several serama eggs. I know I saw some molting, but now I'm wondering what is going on???!! No eggs in 4 months! I've had a lot of trouble with coccidia in my main coop. It even killed some of my adults leaving me with just one barred rock when I had the three, but no deaths in about 2 months at least. I've wormed them regularly. And it wouldn't explain my seramas anyway. They've been kept indoors away from my large fowl their whole lives.

    Everyone is telling me my chickens are not earning their keep!
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    Quote:Cocci will have that effect but if it's eradicated, the problem is likely lack of daylight (combined with molting=double trouble). My blog post here discusses why that matters and what you can do about it.
    one strand of Christmas lights to provide 14 hours of light per day should have them putting breakfast on your table within 10 days!
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    Hi, I live in southeastern Mass, farmers around me, including myself have chickens that are not laying many eggs./ Seems that our chickens all moult about the same time, Oc, and Nov. I this year have 18 moulting, from 2 years to one and a half years. No egg production. A Veternarian who does a speciality of fowl wild and domestic, thinks along the same lines as the farmers, having experienced this before, our Fall was a continuation of Spring or late summer. Till last Thursday, out daytime temps were close to 70 degrees. In fact, in the morning, only a heavy sweatshirt was needed. Now, compared to last year, right after I think the second or third week in Nov. temps dropped, wind chills and we had snow.

    Upshot the strange weather may be causing the problem.

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