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    May 13, 2010
    Hi everyone, I have two flocks of birds. They share a coop, but generally separate when they free range into two flocks. I have my hens which will be 2 in the spring and I have pullets that were hatched in March. Last year's hens (BO and BR) didn't ever really stop laying once they started last fall, even with the shortened days. But my new flock (Light Brahmas and Easter Eggers) haven't really seemed to start laying (they are certainly old enough to be seeing something out of them!). Meanwhile my old flock started molting in September and stopped laying. They haven't started again. Out of 23 hens/pullets, I get one egg every other day (if I'm lucky). These birds are far too expensive to feed if they aren't going to give me eggs in return.

    Any advice? I'm wondering if something is digging in and just stealing the eggs. And I tried red pepper flakes and it didn't seem to help.
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    Brahmas and EEs can be slow starters. Have you tried added light?

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