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  1. silverseam

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    Sep 4, 2013

    I do not have electricity and am looking for solutions for keeping water in my chicken coop/run from freezing solid. What have others done? I'd love to hear your success stories.

    Days get pretty cold, down in the teens, and there's not a lot of sun, so solar solutions are not the best.
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    I have never heard of anything you can put into water to keep it from freezing that would still allow chickens to drink it. Those who don't have electricity most often use heavy black rubber bowls that are easy to break ice out of. They carry out water to their chickens a few times a day.

    You might try to add a rock or something you can heat up to your water container. That would keep the ice away for awhile.
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  3. sunflour

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    Jan 10, 2013
    I agree with @wamtazlady

    You have to have electricity or sun to generate a water heater.

    If you can place outdoor cords to the coop that would be your only option.

    When weather is in the teens, even a water warmer here allows founts to freeze.

    So get ready to take water out there several times a day - new water will freeze quickly :(
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    Agreed here as well without electricity the heavy rubber bowls are your best option. Can be a pain running out there multiple times a day to refill them. I would suggest the extension cord idea and a heated waterer.
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    Was conversing with a poultry person in England a while back. They put a small amount of food grade glycerin in their poultry water. Keeps the water from freezing completely closed so the birds can reach the open water.
    he told me it didn't bother the birds if they ate some of the glycerin. I got my small bottle of food grad glycerin at Michael's Arts and Crafts. They use it to make cake icing glossy. about 3.00 to 3.50 .
    Here ya go: scroll down to "Freezing Water" :
    here's an interesting thread on the subject:
    Ok, I just read the abstract only on this paper, but it is really interesting so thought
    I would share if anyone wants to read the whole thing.
    Glycerin-A New Energy Source for Poultry1
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  6. MeepBeep

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    This only works in very moderate freezing temps...

    Look at the chart here

    A small amount like 5% (13 tablespoons or 0.8 cups per gallon) is only going to alter the freezing point about 1° to 30.9°F, hardly worth the effort IMO...

    Even at a large 25% glycerin mix with water, it only results in a freezing point of 19.4°F, and that is a lot of glycerin to be contaminating the water with...
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