No Equilibrium, Should I Worry?

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    May 14, 2008
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    My one little hen seems to have completely lost her sense of balance. She is about 2.5-3 months old. We kept her inside for a while and she didn't have any problems moving around inside, so I assumed the problem was that our grass was a little too long for her to move around easily. But lately, she's been moving funny even when she is not in the grass. She stumbles back and forth almost like she's drunk.

    Other than not being able to walk very well she seems normal. She still follows me around the yard as best she can. She still jumps up in my lap and snuggles into me when I sit down. She's still eating and drinking like normal.

    My biggest worry is that I have seen at least one mouse coming out of her coop, and I'm not sure if there could be some kind of disease spread that way or not.

    One other thing is that she is in a temporary coop, so there are no roosts yet, and her pen is actually a large dog kennel that we move around our yard every week or two. We let her out of her pen only while we are outside and can make sure she isn't getting into anything she shouldn't. She does love to play under our porch though, and I can honestly say I have no idea what might be under there because the previous residents kept the trash cans right next to the porch.

    So, that's our story. Is there anything specific that I should be watching for? Any ideas of what might be wrong? Do I need to worry about her spreading anything wierd to us? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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    We have a billy goat acting the same way. We called a local vet and they thought it might have been a heat stroke. Not sure how hot it is where you are but this may be a possibility. We treated him for parasites but there was no change in his behavior. Hopefully someone can give you a better diagnosis.
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    what all are you feeding her?

    what bedding are you using?

    at 2-3 months she should be getting chick, or grower feed..

    I would definitely keep her from going under that porch..if she eats something rotten..she could get Botulism...(which will cause them to act "drunk", and have a "limber neck"..where they can't left their head..also other symptoms.)

    please describe her droppings..color and consistency.

    for now..get her some can use Poly-vi-sol liquid baby vitamins..Enfamil brand, no iron..2-3 drops once a day on beak with a dropper, for a week or so, then taper off for a week.
    in the meantime try and get some chick vitamins.

    check her crop and make sure it is emptying..
    best to check in the morning before she should feel empty or flat..
    check for lumps.

    will wait for your reply.
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    May 14, 2008
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    Quote:Mostly "Start Grow Lay" Chicken Feed, and we've given her a few table scraps. Just this weekend we discovered that she loves tomatoes, but will not touch watermelon.

    Quote:Grass clippings for now, or newspaper when we need to mover her inside. We haven't been able to get anywhere to get some good straw yet.

    Quote:She isn't having any other symptoms of Botulism, just a bit wobbly on her feet.

    Quote:All normal there.

    Quote:I think I have some Poly-vi-sol left from my littlest one. I'll have to check the medicine cabinet.

    Quote:I've checked it several times throughout the day, and no problems

    After watching her for a good part of the day Saturday we think we figured out what the problem most likely is. And, it's actually something I should have thought about and taken care of long ago.

    The dog kennel we are using as her pen during the day is one of those metal ones with the plastic tray bottom. We took the plastic tray out, but there is still a crosshatch of wires to help keep the kennel square. They are not in the way if the ground is level, but there are not many level spaces in our backyard, and the few we do find don't stay that way because she loves to dig in the dirt. It looks like she may have caught a foot under one of the wires and hurt a leg.

    Saturday afternoon we tried taking the bottom of the kennel off. That wasn't happening, so we took the top off and turned it upside down instead and used some wood to cover the new top. Gives her some shade too so I have more options for moving her around during the day. A combination of easier moving around and some good treats over the last couple of days, and she's already looking like she's doing better. Saturday morning she would practically roll every time she tried to walk. Now, she's at least able to stay upright, although still a little wobbly, unless she gets into the thicker grass and trips up on that.

    I am continuing to keep a pretty close eye on her though, and if anything changes I will definitely post about it.

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