No feathers on underside of neck... what's wrong?

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    Ok, I have a picture, and would like to share it, but work settings are preventing me. No matter, I think I can describe it.

    My 2 year old, otherwise seemingly healthy, BLRW, has either lost or plucked the feathers from the underside of her neck. It's been cold, and I'm sure it's a bit drafty. I THINK her poops might be a bit on the cow-pie side, but I can't tell for sure whose poop is whose on the poop board.

    My 5 other hens are fine. Feeding scratch and a little crumble mixed in along with the usual healthy kitchen scraps. I wormed with Wazine/Ivermectin this past Fall. My ladies are rather pampered, but I'm quite baffled as to why I suddenly now have a naked neck chicken!

    Ideas? Remedies?

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    Feb 18, 2011
    If she isn't molting, my first vote would go to a feather plucker, one of the other hens is doing it, (often while they are on the roost). Might want to watch if you can see one of the other ones doing it. The usual things to help with feather plucking, give them things to do (hang cabbage, bale of hay, etc), up protein, pinless peepers are good if you can figure out which one is doing it, or just put them on all of them.

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