No flock, no coop....starting from scratch (not even that!)


8 Years
May 30, 2011
Springfield, Ohio
Hi everyone,

I'm a newcomer to keeping chickens, though I've had the desire to do so for a long time. I'm looking forward to being a member here, and a brief read of the message boards shows me that I'm in the right place. At present, my assets include 2.5 acres of partly wooded property just outside of Springfield, Ohio, access to scrap lumber and, most importantly, a very tolerant spouse who is willing to indulge me. I'll be posting questions and providing my experience as I get started, and would be pleased to hear from others who might like to provide advice, or to let me know that they're in my area. Looking forward to it all!
and yes you have found the right place to learn all there is to learn about chickens!
Hi Chemguy

Is Springfield near Toledo? I think it is -- right out there by Holland. (Grew up in Maumee)

Just wanted to say 'hi' and 'welcome' and encourage you --- because you will probably LOVE having chickens as much as everyone else on this forum. Good luck with the plans and the progress!
Hi ChicKat,

Springfield is in soutwestern Ohio, about 30 minutes west of Dayton, 1 hour north of Cinci, 3 hours due east of Indianapolis. It takes about 3 hours to drive to Toledo from here. Thanks for the welcome!
Welcome and it sounds like a nice property for chickens.
They can quickly denude a small space so plan for that, predator protection, protection from heat and good coop ventilation.
Welcome to the forum!
This is a great forum for chicken (and all poultry) keeper! I'm sure you'll make a lot of friends here.
I will just give you this your coop larger than you think you need, because once you start keeping chickens you will want more!
Hi there from southern california and
. You will love it here. Everyone is so helpful and im sure you will get great advice.

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