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    Aug 24, 2010
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    One of my hens never developed fluted upright tail feathers, hers are rounded, around her body. Therefore she constantly has a poopy bottom. I rinse her off a couple times a week but this is getting old. Has anyone ever had a hen like this. The guy at the feed store told me they will grow out, this was when she was a chick, but now she is 6 mos.old and nothing. She is healthy and a good layer but I can't stand that poopy bottom and she smells all the time can I cut off all her feathers around her vent?

    Thank you for your suggestions.
    New at this but learning and loving it.

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    I've read posts on here where people trim their hens' feathers for the reason you describe. Never did this myself but others have said it works.
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    My Cochen Bantams are like that all fluff not really tail feathers, and yes I keep that fluff cut back to keep them clean. Just be careful when cutting don't want to nick the vent.

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