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12 Years
May 25, 2011
Preston, idaho
Its day 27 and there has been no hatching i have been incubating pheasants and chuckars candled them and everything was fertile i can see the eggs moving but their not hatching is this normal? I have a still air incubator with an automatic egg turner never dropped the temp. un plugged the egg turner at day 23 and put the eggs on the bottom of the incubator followed instructions to the exact did i do some thing wrong?
I am having the sam problem its day28 ish at 6 for me and nothing has happend im hatching ducks good luck with your eggs i hate waiting!!!
From what I remember, with ducks (depending on the breed) incubation period can range from 25 to 29 days or so. Not sure on Pheasants and Chukkars... If they're moving I'd just leave them in and hope for the best! You might also ask in the Pheasants and Chukkars section about what their incubation period is

Edited to add: Curiosity got me searching and I found this link for pheasants on another thread ( Maybe that will help?
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Pheasants take longer to hatch than chickens do. usually 24 to 29 days. I have some pheasant eggs in my incubator right now.
Their finally hatching i have one chuckar so far but almost all my eggs are moving or cracked i have a pheasant thats about a third of the way out

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