no humidity indicator in my incubator?


5 Years
Mar 4, 2014
I have bought 3 dozen fertalized eggs from a friend. 2.50 a dozen. they are sussex and red leghorn cross. I have built myself an incubator and have it at 100F but do not have a humidity indicator in it.

I have a small little continer lid of water in the bottom.

my question important is the right humidity? Will i still see results? I have a lot of eggs and they were rather cheap so I am not super concerned about going and getting a humidty thing.
You can buy a combination thermometer/hygrometer at any hardware store. The temperature is far more important, and you will need to check to see if your thermometer is calibrated to the correct temp. A degree off can mean the difference between chicks that hatch healthy or chicks that hatch with foot deformities, unabsorbed yolk sacs, and other issues. Humidity is important for ensuring that the egg looses enough weight to make the air cell the right size, and keep the chick from getting too big to be able to hatch. Can you borrow a hygrometer from someone if you don't want to spend the money on one? Also, I'd recommend that you do a thread search on Dry hatch. Folks are seeing much better results with this method. Basically: 25 - 45% days 1 - 18, then increase to 60 - 65% on day 19 or when you get your first external pip. Good luck with your hatch. I bet those chicks will be awesome.

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