No idea.

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    Jun 6, 2011
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    Oh my gosh. You have NO idea how hard it is to coat a chickens entire foot in vaseline. My 2 chickens have scaly leg mites... and I think they dislike me very much now. O_O
    Hopefully that, and some powder in their coop will do the trick.
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  2. i can just see it now.... slip slidding awaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy [​IMG]
  3. Creed Bennett

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    Aug 25, 2011
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    Did you install wing rails on the ramp going into the chickenhouse? You should if you didn't. You wouldn't want anyone falling down and breaking a hip! Or maybe its a thigh... do chickens have hips?? [​IMG]
  4. Of course they do silly!!!! look at the chicken butts thread!!! you can clearly see them 'wide hips' in most of the pictures of the girls!!!!!!!!

  5. chicmom

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    Roll them up in an old towel and cover their faces (leaving their legs stick out), and you can do anything you want to them. They will be perfectly still.

    Also, mix some Seven Dust powder into that vasceline, to kill those scaly leg mites, as well as suffocating them with the vasceline.


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