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Jul 14, 2012
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This is going to sound so very bad but, our coop doesn't have instulation. It's a plastic shed that you can build, the on that comes in a box. It was for our lawn mower, but we built a better shed, and the old plastic one is now a coop. Anyways, it's really cold at night now, snowed for the last 3 days, and I only have one heat lamp in there. I close all doors and windows, now the one even out to the run. I'm still worried about them. I was wondering if there were any suggestions about how to make it warmer, or will they be fine?
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What kind of birds are they? If they are a cold hardy breed, they won't require additional heat, but it sounds like you should read this article on ventilation. Chickens need ventilation, even in the coldest weather. I live in New Hampshire and I don't heat my coop. The birds are just fine without it. After all, they are wearing down coats. There are other things you can do to help them, such as having a wide roosting bar so they can sit on their feet to keep them warm when they are sleeping.
Your chickens will be fine. I have open air coops that I wrap with tarp leaving 18 inches around the bottom uncovered and I do not use supplemental heat at all.
I know, I check all the time, the lamp is on 27-7, nothing is ever hot, on the walls or ground. It's also not a very strong heat lamp, you can't even feel the heat unless you get right under the lamp.
what are the dimensions of this plastic shed?
Maybe use a deep litter method. Go to Tractor Supply and buy a bale of hardwood shavings. Put in about 6 inches deep. Save the rest of the bale and you can either add to or change out the bedding in month or two , depending if it is damp or not. Build a one foot tall sawhorse with the 2x4 side for the birds to roost on. Raise the waterer off the ground to the level of the birds back. That's a good level for them to drink at. Plus, it will help keep the shavings out of the water.
Can you post pics of your shed? We won't laugh. There are many kinds of coops out there.
We put all our heads together, this coop can be really special, smile.
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we don't supplement heat here in southeast Idaho. It gets pretty nasty cold here. As long as they have water and food and a place to get out of the wind they will be fine. Even the Andulusians,Sumatras,and Phoenix wander around the place in the snow and cold.
Yes, with it being plastic the concern over ventilation would be valid. It was -10C(14F) here overnight recently, my coop is not insulated but rather built of wood and a special type of siding the girls were just fine... i deeply bed with shavings and ensure it's vented but not drafty.
I think your chickens would be worse off being locked up in a plastic shed with all the windows and doors closed off with heat, than no heat and the routine as normal (open door to run, etc). They may be shivering and cold because it's too humid in the coop. You can reduce the humidity by turning off the heat and getting some ventilation.

We've had below 0F and our hens have been fine in their uninsulated, unheated, well-ventilated coop. No signs of stress or frostbite. Still getting some eggs too.

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