No Joke! Do dead ducks float?


9 Years
Apr 29, 2010
Lapel near Anderson, Indiana
Ok, I let them out for the first time today (Moscovys) and stayed with them all was fine came in for dinner watched them for a while then went into my room for about half an hour. Went to go check on them and put up the chickens and one of the females are GONE!! I looked everywhere it is possable that I overlooked her (we have a lot of pine trees and bamboo) anyway my question is this afternoon I saw her find a pice of plastic bag in the bottom of the pond and eat it before I could get to her. She was fine didn't seem to be in any distress. I was wondering if this could have caused her problems and she could be at the bottom of the pond. We also have a dog that was outside at the time so I know no 4 legged creatures carried her off and I know he didn't do it. I don't see her seperating herself from the others unless she is nesting. I guess I'll wait till morning see what happens.







After years of migratory waterfowl hunting I think I can safely say that dead ducks do in fact float. The oils in their feathers keep water from penetrating therefore creating a bouyancy. That is why ducks can swim on top of the water and not sink.
Awww, that's too bad. Yes, they do float and eventually wind up washed up on shore.

I hope you find her.

ETA: If she's one of the ones you brought home last night, it's possible that she has flown away somewhere because she's so new to the area. She might come back because that's where her friends are.
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I had them locked up for 2 days. Hopefully not. There are geese in the field next to me but I don't know why she would leave the others. I was with them all afternoon to make sure all was well. They didn't venture from the shore of the pond.

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