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  3. Thank you for your dry advise. I have a Dog & two Cats who I love dearly.
    I don't want to eat my Chickens but enjoy their eggs. I've seen neighbors chickens & some are affectionate and curiously friendly.
    I was hoping my birds might be nicer, that is all.
    I am not expecting them to act like my house pets but I'd like them to lay me Pink Eggs with Hearts all over them.......[​IMG]
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  5. Here Here! I really love my 'Girls'!!! [​IMG]
  7. Thank you Alexandra33! I'm waiting to enjoy the more changes that keep coming. I don't put any effort into anything alive without caring for its originality & it's life. And its wonderful when your efforts are rewarded, in positive forms. [​IMG]

  9. Lol! I'll never give up on them and my Boxer gets along great with the Girls. My two Cats stare from the windows when I let my girls out to free range. I love all 9 of my pets, always do. [​IMG]
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    I can understand where you're coming from. When you see photos of chickens riding on people's shoulders and hear stories about a very special chicken bonding completely with the family, it can be hard to want that with yours and not get it. Give them a little time. They'll come to you if you don't worry so much about pleasing them and give them some space. They're pretty young yet - just as you are learning to be a chicken owner, they are still learning to be chickens.

    I highlighted one phrase in your post that caught my eye, and I wanted to give you a little food for thought. Define "successful". If you don't feel successful because they don't follow you around like spring lambs follow their moms, then that is a problem for you. But if you define "successful" as having healthy chickens who are living in a good, clean environment with plenty to do, the freedom to be chickens, getting a good diet with a few treats tossed in, and who will reward you with delicious eggs and their antics, then you have indeed been very successful. My dad used to tell us "You can't climb to a success point and stop. You have to reach the underside of success and then build on it, little by little. Be satisfied with the small steps because it's the journey that measures the success." I hope you get what you want. But remember that they are just chickens....balls of feather and feet, and it's unfair to ask them for more than they are prepared to give yet.

    Good luck!
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