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14 Years
Aug 30, 2009
Mt Repose, OH
My Coop
My Coop
Well the owners who have Moses have chickened out for now. His human was having nightmares about giving him up. I get that. But I'm upset about it. I took all the food items I bought for him over there to feed him while they were gone. Maybe seeing the remainder and his new perky self will aid in them continuing the diet. It's fine if he stays there if the care improves.

He said "Thank you" and "Apple", but the one that really got me was "I love you" when I gave him a cashew before leaving.
He did a little dance for me and wanted to sit near me. We made progress in case they change their mind again. The spouse is still giving pressure that the bird needs improved care or a better situation.

He scared himself some how, I think he bumped his tail. He ran to me and turned and looked at the offending part of the cage. That was cute.

He's molting... his chewed feathers have mostly grown back. Now is the time to cure him of it if it can be done! I'm taking a pile of cardboard tubes over there for him to chew on this evening.

About the 3rd day, he was perkier, talking more, and seemed to be having fun when we came over. First time I ever saw him acting silly.
Aww, I'm sorry they didn't let you take the McCaw! I think maybe if you keep watching over him, they might eventually let you have him....You're so compassionate.

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