No More Biddies

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    Over 2014 we lost a lot of them to natural causes, but because they were old I was somewhat able to understand, but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. :(

    After my biking crash, in which I was badly injured, with muscle contusion and a ruptured artery, we had a lot of medical bills, and not enough money to spread thin enough between chickens, dogs, and bills. Obviously the dogs won our favor, and the chickens had to be rehomed. All of them.

    I had to say goodbye to all of my babies, which meant a lot to me. So I thought I'd say this, since I don't talk much about my hens anymore--it's because they all have new homes. :(

    So yeah, thought I'd put this out here.
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    I am so sorry you couldn't keep the chickens. It sounds like it has been a really rough time. I hope you recover fully and things get back to some sort of normal. It sounds like you did right by your chickens by finding them new homes, but I know it is still hard.
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    So very sorry that you had to make such a difficult choice. I do hope you continue to recover and are able to see a brighter future ahead.

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