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Jan 12, 2007
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Well, after owning poultry here for 5+ years they are all gone. My neighbor moved in when I had my ducks and chickens. They didn't seem upset by it, their kids fed them and the lady always came to the fence to ask me about them. Their was a complaint filed later on, we checked into it and found out the same neighbor is the one who complained. So I confronted them and asked them what exactly the problem was? I kept the yard clean, they didn't bother them, they weren't noisy? I have never kept roosters cause I didn't want to cause any tension between the neighbors. I was told her husband filed the complaint because of personal issues with one of my family members. It had nothing to do with me or my animals! I don't know why they threw me into it, I guess they just wanted to hurt someone.

To make a long story short I got rid of my ducks and all but my bantam cochin hen which I kept in the house. I kept it that way for a long time but since she was lonely I decided to order the eggs from Jordan that I posted about back in July. I was only planning on keeping one of the hens and giving the rest away to good homes.I had a lady interested in 3 of the pullets and she told me she would update me frequently and said I could visit them whenever. Well I just found out her dog killed 2 of the pullets, one that I really liked and wanted to keep myself. I'm not even sure I want updates anyore after that, it just made me sick to my stomach! I took 3 more chickens to their new homes yesterday and all I have left now is my bantam cochin, Rocky and the pullet I really wanted to keep. Well we just got a ticket stating I had to cease all chickens off the property by Oct. 13th. The neighbor is complaining again, I'm not even sure why, and I really don't want to know. Instead of fighting it and being selfish to the hens I'm just giving them to good homes where they can be part of a flock. I'm just really tired of these people and don't want to associate with them at all anymore.

I was wondering about the seramas. I heard they are small enough to keep in a big cage indoors. I'm gonna miss my chickens but if I could keep a couple seramas indoors I would like to do that.. Although I hear their hard to hatch from some people I would like to try. Idk I guess I just need more time to think it through before jumping into it. Sorry for the rant.
So sorry your neighbors were unwilling to even talk to you about it before they complained. I don't understand why people have to do that. If they had a problem, they should at least have talked to you about it first.
I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles with your neighbors. I can never understand why neighbors can't at least try and get along with one another, after all you have to live next door to each other.

That said, you would only be asking for trouble with your neighbor and the law if you tried to keep Seramas in the house. Your neighbor will report you because it sounds like they have something against you - and you have already been cited and told to remove all chickens from the property. Though Seramas are small, they are chickens and you could get large fines if caught. Besides, they are chickens and I don't believe chickens belong exclusively in the house - they need sunshine, fresh air, grass dirt, and lots of room to scratch, run, forage.

You could try appealing the citation and applying for a permit to keep a few. Might be a long road to take but you never know, if you are successful, you could have your chickens in your own yard and there wouldn't be anything your neighbor could do about it.
you do need to fight back, you can't keep rolling over for them, and it's not going to stop with the chickens,

you really can't be thinking of keeping a chicken in a bird cage
what kinda life would that be?
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Lets hope your neighbors never have a dog that barks or anything like that.
It's sad that people are like that.
It makes me sad, I'm sorry.

I am with Cason "I think I'd burn them out (but I'm just like that)" I'm just like that too.

Thanks everyone.

Ruth, Thanks. I would never keep a chicken exclusively in the house. We do have a back porch that goes to the other side of the house (away from these neighbors), it's enclosed but it's a screened and their is a large area which they can do everything you noted, that is where my bantam cochin stayed the entire time she was indoors. They didn't even acknowledge she was there. I think they got mad about me letting them back into the yard and seeing the other chickens that I made sure they knew, I was not keeping. They have a dog that's barks constantly, I haven't reported them and made that a point when I talked to her last, I just don't know. All my other neighbors love my chickens, I did think about fighting it and petitioning. The last 2 go today btw.
Thanks Mstmae

jnjross, I just had to explain a bit better, I'm not saying I would put them in a rabbit cage or anything like that. I also have a starling and caging her up is upsetting cause she's a wild bird so she has a gigantic cage in a section of the room and she also goes outdoors in the enclosed area. I guess since I'm getting more negative feedback that would be a no on seramas.
Wow--It sounds like you've done and are doing many wise things but are experiencing a rough path.
It seems to me that you'd provide a very enjoyable life for Seramas. However, I don't know how seriously to fear potential legal repercussions if anyone found out.
I am so sorry your chickens are having to go. I'm sure you have shared lots of joy with them. I am glad you've been able to find homes for them. I'm sorry to hear one of the earlier placements resulted in tragedies, but am glad you've been able to line up others that look to be good. I'm sorry you're gonna have to miss having your chicken friends around and I'm sure they'll miss you sometimes. But I'll bet they'll come to be happy in their new homes, too.
Best wishes to you
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