No more dirt floor


Oct 21, 2020
Quaker Hill Connecticut
I came into some heavy oak pallets so I used them to make a floor for my coop my wife my kill me that they didn't go in the fire pit but dirt is cold my birdies feet come first lol


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as many threads as there are seeking help with run and coop drainage in heavy rains, GOOD ON YOU. Pallets aren't perfect, but they are a quick and reasonably durable fix for a host of ills.
You should see these pallets not your average no gaps and made out of oak 2x4s they are almost too heavy to move on one's own also I hope to clad over the top with a sheet of thin plywood and linoleum to aid in cleaning.
Love heavy duty crates and pallets! My garden shed is made from a shipping crate that housed a machine. I've seen interior paneling made from pallets. Oh, the lowly, humble shipping pallet, thy name is Useful!

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