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  1. I have 11 eggs in the bator that are due to hatch on the 21'st. I cannot see any movement, just black blobs in the middle. Is this normal? I have never seen movement in any of them since the beginning either. They are black Australorps. This is also my first real attempt to hatch eggs, my light turns on around 98.8 and goes off at about 100.8, humidity stays between 42% and 66%. The hardest part is regulating the humidity. I'm using a homeade cooler bator. I used MissPrissy's ideas and designed one like hers.
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    Apr 8, 2007
    I dont see movement in mine unless I candle at day 7ish. Otherwise, it is usually a black blob. Occasionally, if I stare at it long enough I can see a tiny shadow move but sometimes I am sure nothing is progressing and it hatches. Keep the faith! [​IMG]
  3. I don't candle them too long because I don't want the temperature to drop too much. Maybe I'm just not waiting long enough to see movement. I candle about 10 seconds per egg. I hope something hatches.
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    My first hatch is due on the 20th......Best wishes to you
  5. Best wishes to you too! I have to get at least 1 little fuzzy butt, My hubby thinks I'm nuts and nothings going to hatch. I have to prove him wrong!

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