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    Jul 27, 2014
    I have 10 chickens currently. 3-15 week ISA Browns that I don't expect to be laying yet, 3- 2 year old hens and 4-1 year old hens. 3 weeks ago the 1 and 2 year olds were all laying either daily or every other day. I was averaging 5 eggs a day from 7 hens. Very respectable in January. Then we had a hard cold snap, high temps below zero for a week. Egg laying stopped completely. I had no issue with that. They were busy keeping warm and really not leaving the coop. But for 10 days now the weather has been above freezing, they are eating incredible amounts of food and are out of the coop all day. No eggs. Not a single egg in three weeks.

    Is there anything I could/should be doing differently? I do not light the coop or use supplemental heat. But was debating putting some LED puck lights out there to give them more light. Or do I just wait it out and let nature take its course? Could something be wrong with them?

    I am concerned because none of them are laying. One of the 2 year old hens has never gone 48 hours with out laying an egg since she started laying at 18 weeks.

    thank you for any help
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    There are diseases,the short of days,maby other possibilities..

    With the days being shorter,it could be reason.
    Or cold temps.
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    It's a little late to start supplemental lighting, it takes several weeks to get it up to the proper 'daylength' without undue stress, then more for it to have an effect.

    Did your older hens molt this past fall? What breed are they?
    Could be the cold snap stressed them, or triggered a molt......
    ......tho my older hens started laying again during our recent cold snap.

    Good news is, with the naturally lengthening days, I'll bet your pullets will start laying soon.
    Sometimes with chickens, there's no rhyme nor reason.

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