No poo, just mucusy, sticky, vent feathers are a mess..???

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    Jun 16, 2008
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    Perky, bright, eats and drinks - looks fine until you check out the vent area. Some blood, very small clots, the rest is a clear, mucus like, sticky, nasty discharge. No smell, vent feathers a MESS, other chickens interested in pecking her there. Hen stays close to me. Currently, she is in the house in a dog crate on hay. She eats, sits, drinks. I've medicated the water with Sulmet. WHAT NOW?? No eggs today - which is okay. Any thoughts??? This happend very quickly - I immediately brought her into the house.
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    OK, The straight skinny on "Pasty Butt". Believe it or not, Pasty Butt is a symptom of constipation. The cure is molasses in their drinking water. Molasses is a natural laxative for fowl. Mix it like weak tea and give it to them for 2 days. Naturally you should clean their little butts with a warm damp cloth before you start the treatment. Failure to cure this condition could result in a painful death for your chicken. This treatment is for adult birds as well as chicks.
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    Sounds like she was partially egg bound and fixed the problem on her own. When birds go eggbound, everything gets backed up. The sticky stuff is just intestinal mucous, and the blood is from broken capilaries that broke when she pushed. Watch her carefully though, just to be safe.

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