No shell (?), not even thin membrane


8 Years
Jan 21, 2014
SW Michigan
For the past two days I've noticed that one out of my nine egg-laying hens is having trouble laying eggs.

They all want to roost by the windows in the bottom of our barn, that's how I noticed this problem. The bottom of our older barn is made out of stone. Two days ago, I noticed yellow running down the walls. I didn't see any evidence of broken egg shells. Today, I noticed what seemed to be a lot of clear liquid (no yellow) running down the wall, just inches from the same place. There isn't water near there and no possibility of rain, etc., leaking in.

I've been an egg short for about 10 days now, even knowing that every chicken won't lay everyday.

Any ideas?
Have have you seen the particular hen eating it some hens are picky and don't like It, i had that problem I would separate that hen and give it half a calcium citrate tablet every day until she lays a normal egg
She's not even a year old. I bought 9 laying hens from a farm near by. He was selling over 200 at the time. They just started laying when I bought them about 8 weeks ago. They are all Rhode Island Reds and, of course, look almost identical.

I was thinking of going into the barn at night and seeing if she was the only one roosting in the area where I found the yolk drippings, etc. on the wall. If that works, I could isolate her and try your advice.

Thanks so much for your replies!
Yes you could go in there and see if you can catch her laying the shell less egg also
All the other hens lay in their nesting boxes. She seems to just let whatever it is go while still roosting, which is the only time I see them on the ledge by the row of Windows.

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