No symptoms just lays down and dies, Texas

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    Oct 25, 2012
    I have read a few threads that also state this issue, and have yet to find a solution.

    Basically, a perfectly healthy laying hen dies in the night with no symptoms other than a little lethargy in the evening prior to death. Lays an egg the day before, jumps up onto the roost at night, found the next morning in a comfy looking position on the ground, cold and stiff.

    Flock consists of 4 hens and a rooster, though two hens have passed away in this manner over the last 4 days. Water is changed, food is the same as always, no signs of disease or injury, perfectly normal until the evening prior to death... then a little lethargic.

    I'm posting this to figure out if it's a disease carried by pigeons or insects, as others in my area will also have this problem.

    I live in North Texas, in the Dallas area.
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    Aug 20, 2010
    I can't help much except to say it does sound like a disease of some sort if so many are seeing the same thing.

    A bit of vitamins in the water can't hurt for sure. You can find "vitamins and electrolytes" at the feed store. It's a powder that goes in the water. The directions are for like 100 gallons or something so just put a little pinch in their water.
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