Nocturnal Predators - The Final Solution


8 Years
Last spring we had a problem with a nocturnal predator that was beheading our birds. It would take away the head, but nothing else. We tried everything; traps, sitting up all night with a shotgun, loud noise, but nothing worked. Our flock was reduced by about 90%. Finally it dawned on me. Take the s.o.b. out of its comfort zone. We bought one of these, and set it up in the pen;

500 watts of light on a timer. Problem solved! We only use one of the lights at a time that way if one burns out we just turn the other on. The light has no effect on the girls laying or our electric bill. Winner!


Free Ranging
12 Years
Oct 16, 2010
I'd think a locked coop at night or predator proof run would be less expensive in the long run in lieu of running halide construction light every night.


Crossing the Road
13 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
About 9 months with no further problems from the first night. (The predator was hitting us almost every night. :( )

Never did for sure, but I'm thinking skunk.

I am thinking an owl. If repeats with failure of light then tie a headless carcass down to see how predator treats it. If like my situation, you will find owl will leave other birds alone so long as carcass killed previously is still accessible and edible. Once carcass largely consumed owl will pack it off and possibly skip a night before coming back. If you keep pulling the freshly killed birds, that can actually result in more deathloss before problem is corrected.

I am not a fan of the flood lights because they do not get along with high humidity. In my experience they also require some wattage to run.


8 Years
Didn't say free. Just said couldn't see any difference in the electric bill.
Glad I don't live next door..hahaha!

One of the advantages to living in the country. Nearest neighbor is about 1/10th of a mile away.
To be quite honest I could care less what species it was. It's gone. That was my goal, so I consider this a win. As for cost; considering the cost of replacing the birds and the loss in egg production/sales it's dirt cheap.

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