noisy hen how do I stop her from screaming her egg song


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Apr 30, 2013
not only do I have two bantam hens who lay at the exact same time
they "have" to use the same laying spot
so bantam #1 lays while bantam #2 stands next to her belting out the egg song at the top of her lungs

lucky for us and our neighbors they are afternoon layers
so far I tried moving nesting boxes
suprisingly you can take her mid egg song and stick her in another box on a fake egg
and that works just fine for her
but if nobody "helps her".... she just stands there yelling about it

any suggestions?
she is very pretty but her looks will only get her so far
I need to keep the peace with the neighbors and she is the only one

would age be a possibility? she is just slightly younger than the others
and has always been treated like a baby by the others even if she is only weeks or a month behind them in age

ETA: lots of options for laying spots, they all want to use one corner
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This is standard chicken behavior. I might have six chickens sing along, when only one lays an egg. Even the rooster joins in. Maybe it's that "Takes a Village to Raise a Child" theory?
I don't think there is much you can do about it.
Just ride the wave and enjoy it. Its a miraculous thing that she'd proud of. Let her have her moment. If the neighbors complain, give them eggs.
It's funny how some people are annoyed and others aren't. I have a neighbor, 1/4 mile away, that said he loves to hear my roosters crowing. It makes him feel like he's truly living "out in the country".

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