Noisy hens at night time

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    We just got back from a movie (1 am) and came to find our hens not only awake but making noise and wandering around their run - this has NEVER happened. They are always in a row walking up their ramp into their coop at dusk and no matter how much noise we make bringing in the garbage, etc, they don't wake up and come out. BUt tonight they are wandering around. What could the reason be? We are thinking that perhaps an animal came by and scared them but could a predator come and not harm them? It's too dark to see if any one of them are hurt, and other than their uncharacteristic noise-making and wandering at night, they seem ok. Any experienced speculations?
  2. Chickens can not see at all in the dark. For them to up and move around something must of scared them. I would take a flash light and go outside and see if there was a predator stalking them. Hope they are alright.
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    I've had chickens come out in the dark, and walk from the coop up to the house.

    In your case could there be something in the coop scaring them?

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    Quote:Very likely the case! When my birds make any sounds other than crowing at night, I am out there with dogs and flashlight to see what it going on.
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    i think they got scared by a predator.

    i experienced that too, and when i came to see them...

    it's too late. a huge rodent got my silkie. [​IMG]
  6. AWW blue... [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. bluefeather2697

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    Nov 9, 2011
    Quote:thanks 4 ur sympathy. i really miss him. [​IMG]

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