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Oct 1, 2012
I got 2 hens off criagslist (barred rock and ancona) and they are my first venture into owning chickens in the 'burbs. My husband took about a year to convince. Now, they are making tons of noise and waking him inthe mornings. The ancona is super loud. It is not because they are laying at that time. The ancona is not laying yet and the BR lays mid-morning.
Any suggestions? Imay have to find new homes for them if they can't be quieted. My hubby is super grumpy about this.
How long have you had them,? if they are new, they are very nervous because they are in a new place, it takes little time for them to get use to there new place. Keep them intertained by giving them head lettece, or corn on cob. that can quiet them some. if they sleep in coop at night, turn lights out. Good luck.
We have had them 2 weeks. They were quieter when we first got them. They do have a coop and run for them, but there are no lightsi in it. I think they might just want to be let out.
I have found with my hens that they like stuff to scratch around in. Rake up leaves and put them in their run, the bigger the pile the more they like it. If you can put some dead logs in their run they will peck around on them for the bugs. Try putting in some roosts in their run if you can, maybe some sturdy branches for them to climb on. They just need things to keep them occupied. Chickens make noise, that is just part of raising chickens. Good luck! Buy your husband some ear plugs!
My hens aren't loud for the most part, but when I go out into the yard and they see me they do get loud. It seems they want the attention so I will go over to the pen and talk to them. I usually give them a bit of starter or scratch and they settle down.
Yes, mine get noisy when they see me, too. I don't mind that. For the most part they are quiet during the day, but they start making a ton of noise when the sun comes up.
If they were barking dogs, I'd just make them stay inside....but, can't really do that with chickens :)
I heard a story about someone who had the same problem- what they did was cover the coop at night with a dark tarp or blanket, enough to make it dark in the coop. The birds stayed quiet while it was dark, then when it was late enough that the noise wouldn't bother anyone, uncover the coop, let the girls out, and you're good to go.

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