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    Don't understand it, my two sets of chickens (9 total) have not laid for over two months. Both sets have different birth dates over six months apart. They are cooped together and get along, they do have a pecking order. None of my birds are older than 4 years. Feeding them 16% layer food with extra goodies (meal worms/boss/kale) every now and then. Now that it is winter, I throw them scratch daily for body heat at night. Does anyone have any good ideas? I had to go back to buying eggs at the local store. Definitely not as tasty, P.S. , my wife and I have named them so chicken and dumplings are out of the picture.
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    Your girls are all 3-4 years old? Are they molting? This time of year most older birds are, and combined with the shortening daylight hours, the combo usually puts a halt to the egg laying. If they are done molting and you put them under lights they may start laying again before spring.
  3. Well it could be a lot of things.
    1: any chicken between the age of 2-4 is not going to lay as well as pullets
    2: this is molting season, and a bird that is molting will rarely lay.
    3: darker sooner. A hen needs a minimum of 14 hours of light to lay, if she doesn't get that, then she won't lay well, if at all.
    4: breed. Many breeds just don't lay in the winter! I have some breeds that are laying amazingly well, other breeds stopped three months ago, it just depends.
    5: disease. Are they healthy? are you positive that they don't have lice, mite, worms, and a respiratory problem? I'm battling coyza right now, so I don't expect my birds to lay that well.

    I would go through this list and cross out the ones that you know aren't true, you should get an answer =) hope I helped!

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