Non Emergency. Does Mareks make chickens hungrier?

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  1. kperki

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    I am wondering if Mareks increases apatite in chickens. I was just told one of my hens died of Mareks. She had the tumors. It seems like a lot of my other chickens are acting very hungry and nothing has changed except some might be starting to molt. I am new to this and now very paranoid..
  2. chooks4life

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    Apr 8, 2013
    Never heard of Mareks' making them hungrier, though once the spasms start, or the paralysis, of course they probably would be hungrier during the small windows of opportunity to eat; leukosis makes them hungrier when they can eat, between the periods of pain and nausea; but moulting also makes them hungrier as their bodies are putting a large demand on them both for heating due to feather loss, and resource acquisition for feather growth. If they're moulting and hungrier I would just assume that is all that is going on, most likely.

    Best wishes.
  3. kperki

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    Thank you chooks for life. That makes sense.

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