Non-hatchery Blue Black Splash Jersey Giant Roosters!


10 Years
May 26, 2009
I have several Blue, Black, and Splash Jersey Giant roo's for sale. I bought them as chicks from Maria Hall, and they arrived here at my home about a week before Easter, this year. They are about 17 to 18 weeks old now. I have 5 or maybe 6 roo's I am interested in selling. There are only 2 blacks, the rest are blue or splash. The pictures are of a few of those for sale.

They are free ranged as much as they like. They have been raised on Purina flock raiser and all the fresh veggies from our garden this year. NONE of them have displayed ANY aggression, they are all pretty melow. We dont hold them or anything, but they do not freak out when we walk near them, and they dont chase after us (except for treats!).

I have a closed flock for the most part. The chicks from Mrs. Hall are the only outside poultry I have brought into my flock in the last 12 months, except for our ducks, bought as day olds around 15 weeks ago. All other chickens here were hatched from eggs from either other BYC'ers, or my own hens (who were the ones hatched from the other BYC'ers eggs!)

I have no idea as to Show Quality- I dont show and only know a little bit as to Show requirements. The roo's all have yellow on the bottoms of their feet though. There are some Splash that are lighter in color with less dark on them as well.

NO Shipping. Pick up or local delivery only. In the Auburn/ Sacramento California area.



Please PM me with any questions.

PLEASE NOTE!!! I AM NOT claiming in anyway the years of work at breeding by Mrs. Hall as my own. These roo's however are directly from her stock, and I raised them myself since they got to my home (as chicks). I am simply letting anyone interested know the lineage of these roo's to the best of my ability.

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