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Mar 23, 2008
Hi this is my first post and I have a big question. I have 3 hens & 1 roo about 2 mths ago they quit laying and havent layed since. thie weather here is not that bad (east Tex) I have been giving them lay pellets and oyster shell but no eggs I even theaten them with the boiling pot and squeezing them with no luck. I have let them free range and cooped them still nothing. Any ideas???
No I dont think they are and they are only about 2 to 3 yrs old are they just getting to old???
id bet they are just cant see any lose of feathers.because they didnt lose their feathers.are the hens combs a bright blood red.or are they a pale red.bright red means they are laying or getting ready to lay.
Hi. Glad to see you posted as I know you'll get some good answers. I thought it might be molt.
And welcome to BYC but you'll find out it's addictive like chickens!.

The first year that a hen lays is the most productive. It slows way down after the second year...unless you're an egg farm, they'll still keep laying...just not alot.
My Leghorn Obelisk will be 5 on Memorial Day and she'll lay from March to July when she moults.
I really dont think so cause I kept them penned for a few weeks and nothing. I did check there cones today and they are not dark red rather pale.
I have a couple of questions. My banny hen layed her first set of 2 eggs we found on Easter. Now as far as I know we haven't touched them or moved them but she won't sit on them. Is this first time hen jitters. Should I buy more hens to show her what to do? Any Ideas?

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