Non-leaking plastic waterer ?


9 Years
Nov 9, 2012
Kennebunk, ME
Does anyone know of a plastic 1 - 3 gal hanging waterer that isn't prone to leaking? I give my girls & 1 roo apple cider vinegar w/mothers in their water so it has to be plastic. My last 1-gal waterer started leaking today after cleaning and filling. They don't seem to last long and have never been frozen. Any recommendations?


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11 Years
Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
I have 2 kinds of 1 gallon plastic waterers--the Little Giant brand and the ones from Tractor Supply made in China. The TSC one drives me crazy because it leaks 1/2 of the time, so I think that it may have to do with how full and if it is connected exactly right. The Little Giants are better, but I have a couple that have started to leak out. It is frustrating because I like to add ACV too, and now that it is time for freezing weather I will just get out the electric do waterers with my 1 gallon ice cream pail inserts to help on the cleaning.

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