Non soy feed

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5 Years
Mar 8, 2018
I’m currently using new country Organics non soy feed. It costs me around 57 dollars including shipping, the actually feed is 30 dollars. I purchase it online since it’s the only option for me.
I was wondering if there’s another alternative that’s non soy that’s a little less expensive. Thank you
Have you checked at your local feed stores? If any carry your preferred brand, they may be happy to special order it for you to pick up at the store.
Otherwise, most brands are sold at feed store on a more local basis, so having your location on your profile will help. Also post on your state's thread.
Feed should be fresh by mill date, and used up within two months of milling, if at all possible. Aside from the incredible cost, you have no control over mill dates when you order it online.
If you are allergic to soy, it makes sense to avoid handling it. Otherwise, I'm not sure why 'soy free' matters all that much. That's just me.
Nutren’s Hearty Hen is soy free, not organic though. Tractor Supply carries it
I've bought several bags a couple of years ago. No problems here. I bought it for the higher Protein 18%.
I have since switched to a Non-medicated Starter Grower feed 18% with soy for my Pullets and Hens with Oyster Shells separately.

Green Mountain Organic has a soy free pellet. No idea where you're at, but they are in NE & I can get it in PA, so YMMV. Nature's Best Organic out of PA, has a soy free, but I don't know where it is carried or if yo have to special order.
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