Non-stop Noisy


6 Years
Sep 5, 2013
I have the most gorgeous, good tempered, gentle-on-hens Lavender Aracana roo.

The catch, he NEVER shuts up! I mean Ive had noisy roosters, Ive had crow at 3am roosters, roosters-gonna-crow, but he crows every 2minutes (or less!), 11pm to 8pm. I swear he crows in his sleep. He even tries to crow while eating and drinking and makes an odd haaerck noise. Ive locked him up at night, ive blacked out the coop, he has plenty of ladies, his perch is right against the roof so he cant stretch out, Ive fed him time consuming food and treats. Ive caught him at night, put him in a has-to-sit-to-fit cat carrier, covered it in a blanket and put it in a cupboard so there's no chance of light or noise bothering him and he crows. Ive had him as the only roo, Ive had him with other roos. Theres no street lights, neighbours or predators.

Has someone, somewhere, experienced this level of neurosis or have I got the most insane rooster on the planet.
In a way its kinda funny. He reminds me of loony tunes! It dosn't matter WHAT you do, he will crow just to be a smartie. You can see porky pig losing his mind over this!
I have the same problem he crows, and crows, and crows, and sleeps, and crows and crows and crows, and mates, and crows and crows and crows and eats! It's outrageous!

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