noodle died yesterday

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    A little background first, Noddle was barely a year old when she died yesterday. When the flock was first put outside, one rooster, cordon bleu, decided to mature early, breeding all the hens way before they had started laying, I guess noodle was his favorite, he had pulled out most of her head feathers and she was terrified would not leave the coop, so I separated her daily with her own food and water and she began to do much better, and of course was very loving and my favorite, I sold bleu and two other roosters keeping just my big man(the hit by car victim is doing very well), and they free ranged up till big man and pot pie were hit by the car, Noodle stayed with the flock but was always smaller than the rest but still seemed fine. on March 3, i noticed she was in the coop and a bit ruffled but it was cold and I figured she wanted to be warm, (forgot to add that noodle has never laid an egg and big man ignores her like he knows she not producing), she came out and ate while I was there and I left them till the next evening, she was again in the coop, ruffled with only one eye open and diarrhea on her tail feather so I brought her inside and put her in a box with food and water with nutri drench in it, she was skinny but always has been a little thin so I didn't think much of it. The 5th just about killed me, she was laying on her side would not open her eyes had lime green liquid poop and was rolling her head around, I called everyone I could think of and no one knew anything and had never seen poop that color, but I was told to try some antibiotics so I ran to get some and started her on Duramycin-10, I had to dip he beak in water to get her to drink and I did this quite often, i dreaded the next day thinking she would be dead but to my surprise she was sitting on her own and standing though wobbly and would fall if she tried to walk she seemed better and she was drinking on her own but still would not eat, the next day she was back to on her side rolling her head and this time squawking loudly, as a last ditch effort I ran to try and find tube feeding supplies but she died 5 min before I made it back. I should have done it from the first but my brain didn't put 2 and 2 together. Today I decided to necropsy her so I wouldn't loose the entire flock though they seem fine, I have no idea what was wrong, my best guess is an impacted gizzard, heart, lungs kidneys and even intestines were normal, she had an undeveloped ovary (go figure) and her liver worried me a little they was black on the edges but I also waited a day and she was not refrigerated, the only thing I saw as abnormal was her gizzard which was extremely hard and when cut open was full of greens (causing the green poop I assume) which I haven't given to them in a couple of weeks, her crop was almost empty but had some water and the little bit of feed she had eaten the day I thought she was recovering. Does any one have any ideas? I would post pics but cant find my darn camera charger. Any help would be great.
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    I'm very sorry for your loss [​IMG] R.I.P. little Noodle <3

    I don't have an idea of what that could be, but if I think of anything, I'll get back to you.

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