8 Years
Mar 19, 2011

When by the feeder if another comes by he/she fluffs up neck feathers and wings and gets aggressive. Is this a roo behavior? I know hens will show aggression but its the neck feather and strutting that makes me think roo.

Here's another pic. Oh and she is a RIR. So combs are not necessarily a indicator.
How old is your chick?

I have a little Sebright hen who once stood a LF barnevelder roo down. It was so funny. He just came up to her to say "Hi", she raised her hackles in a threatening manner, he did the same, then thought better of it and ran off to hide.
1st one is a cockerel a pullets comb would not be that red at such a young age...the 2nd i'm not sure but looks pullet
They are of the same chick. I think lighting is an issue here. Looking at her in person she still has a yellow comb

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