normal for momma to "clean nest" by eating eggshell?


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We found no trace of where the little guy came from when we spotted him this morning. We had been so sure she was sitting on a dud egg. She is still sitting on another, but we'll wait to draw conclusions now. We moved her to a safer spot and all of the other ladies had to come input and congradulate her. Isn't that the way? I want to post a photo of momma and newbie, but am slow figuring it out. Of course, just last week we brough home 57 other newbies......Aren't i the nutty one!

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ADORABLE picture!! Mine did not eat the shells - we pulled them out to make more room - also to know which hatched as we had a variety under her. I wouldn't find it unusual for her to eat them though. I know they are very hungry by the time the hatch arrives!
One of our hens ate the membranes inside the eggshells and stacked them neatly, with the top of the shell fit inside the bottom. I guess she has a thing for being orderly!

One of our other hens ate some of the eggshells, while the third one also ate the membranes but didn't stack the shells.

I wouldn't worry about it, it's probably fine.

Congratulations on your hatch! You have a fine looking hen and chick there.
Kotiya, that is an adorable photo! I have a BO and am starting to hope she goes broody.... she exhibits a touch of the behavior by being the ONLY pullet / hen who objects to my gathering eggs from underneath her body. Nobody else minds, but she BAWKS at me with a very wide-open beak. No pecking, just objections. She sits on the nest, usually with other eggs under her from the other hens, until later in the day. Then it's like she just forgets about the whole thing, and she goes wandering. Not really dedicated to the project.

But your photo of that momma and chick makes me wish my BO would go broody for reals.

Just precious!
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