Normal or Vent Gleet?

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    I have a 18m RIR that seems to be "collecting" droppings on her rump. Now I have seen photos of gleet that look horrendous, not sure if she is suffering from this or just has some less than congealed poops. Here is a picture of her backside - thoughts? Also a picture of her from the front so you can see her eyes/beak and overall behaviors appear normal and good to go! As I am new I am rather watchful for any signs of problems - maybe too watchful :)

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    It looks very normal to me--she is very healthy looking. It is common for a hen with a great deal of "poof" near the vent to get some droppings on herself. I would rub off any solid bits, and trim any excess feathering around her vent. Probios Dispersible Powder is a good product to use in the water 2 days a week to promote intestinal health. I usually have a couple of hens that look like that in a flock of 35.
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