North Florida- A few good hens WANTED


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Sep 17, 2008
Middleburg, FL
Hi all,
I'm brand new to backyard chickens (well, new to all things chickens, actually) and am in need of three or four laying hens.
My hubby and I just finished building our chicken house (our first one- how exciting!). It is approximately 4 feet wide x 4 feet tall x 5 feet deep with three large nest boxes and will sit inside a fenced area of about 15'x15'. The chickens will be well cared for (mostly family pets with the added benefit of fresh eggs for us!).
If anyone knows of a good place to purchase nice hens (relatively close to Middleburg), the info would be well appreciated.
Thanks for any help,
Welcome to BYC...There is someone here on BYC "chickenzoo" that is also from Middleburg. I'm sure she may have some nice layers.

Do a "search" by author with her user name and she'll pop up.
Hello! ...and ...
OK, I'm from VT and can't help with your local needs, but am happy you've come to this site. It's invaluable, as far as I'm concerned.
Good luck finding your first chickens!

Oh, and I love the name you gave to your post
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