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Sep 24, 2013

I find it so exciting to meet people from all over the world on BYC. I actually have ancestors from Ireland--but I guess that's kind of normal for people in the US LOL! What breeds are your beautiful chickens?
Hi there lovely to chat ,yes lot of Irish immigrated to America year back ... Pity I wasn't one of them its bloody freezing here lol I have two light Sussex and I've no idea what the other to are , one is a Sussex of some sort and the other we can't seem to find out what she is lol this is her getting a bath just a minute ago , thou some have said sh looks like she might be a rooster :-/ lol
one of my girls is sooooo cheeky I rarely get a photo , filty temper , does not socialise with other hens and god forbid you try touch her she goes nuts lol
Ha! I love those pictures. I'm needing to give a bath to my one cockerel who's got quite an injury to his neck which has resulted in application of some greasy meds, hope he's as good as yours are LOL!
It was quite a challenge as we had a few very runny poops in the water lol !!! :) I think they enjoyed it thou , more so getting into the house for a nosey around . This was my utility room incase your thinking I've gone crazy and put them in with my dishes hahaha
Actually I have no problem with giving them a bath in your sink but I'm on a high level of crazy chicken lady LOL! What's funny too is my littler cockerel looks a lot like your guys!
His name is Little Yellow, he was yellow when he hatched. He's an Easter Egger/Production Red cross. Very sweet boy.

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