Northern living in Alberta, Canada


Sep 11, 2019
Northern Alberta, Canada
Hello, my name is Allyson and I live 3 hours northwest of Edmonton Alberta on a bush lot in a small farming community.
I have wanted chickens for years and this spring, after about 2 years of research we got 5 sex-link brown chicks from a local hatchery.
After surviving the first 12 weeks we moved them to a manufactured coop we called their "summer home" since it was small and provided no insulation.
Recognizing that chickens might not need heat, our winters can drop to consistent -30C during the day and -40 or more at night. We also live surrounded by many predators both small and large including fox, bear, wolves, eagles, etc.
We have built a very sturdy coop that they have recently moved into. It is elevated with a 5X4 foot interior for them with elevated ceiling containing a skylight. There is a large window that opens with perches on multiple levels. We have 2 nesting boxes. There is a run directly below them that leads to a 10x10 run (we used a dog kennel with hardware cloth and a covered roof). We have lots of ventilation holes but have also included a hanging heated water dish and a radiant wall heater (Cozy Coop, looks like a flat screen tv lol) that we will only put on when, and if, it gets very cold. We have everything hooked up to power but also have a backup generator if needed.
I have been following BYC for about a year but only joined now to be able to ask questions. I LOVE this site.


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