Not a Barred Rock?


7 Years
Apr 10, 2016
Santa Cruz Mountains, California
So my 14-week-old “Barred Rock” is still very dark. I also noticed today that her tail feathers aren’t barred. She also looked just a little different from the other barred rocks. I’m posting pics of my 3-year-old barred rock hen and the pullet in question. Is it possible she’s not actually a barred rock? Cuckoo Maran? I think they were selling those at the same time, but told me they were sold out.


Ok, thanks. Also, the legs are yellow with black in front. I think my adult hen started out a bit black in the legs before going full yellow, too. It doesn’t really matter to me. This one had almost no white spot on her head as a chick. She just looked different from the others.
Remember this girl (in the back)? I think she could be a Cuckoo Marans, not a Barred Rock. Sorry about the poor photo quality; it’s a screenshot from
a video, since she never holds still. The weird oart as that her eggs started ss a VERY pale, pinkish beige and have faded to white. Also, her legs now look more white than yellow.

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