Not A Chicken, but A Guinea

Tricia's Triple Z

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12 Years
Dec 7, 2007
I went into the Guinea coop today and I found my only white male sitting in the top of a door. He looked one way that is when I notices his eye, or lack of. It was bloody and crusted shut. I can't remember if guineas have an inner eyelid, it may be a good thing if it does. We cleaned it out then put neosporen on it. THEN I found out that that wasn't a good idea because of the petroleum in it. Oh well, my thought was to try to reduce an infection. He flew away from us and then the attack began, the other males tore into him...long story he now lives with my chickens. Does anyone have any suggestion on what I could do to make it better for him? The chickens don't seem to have bothered him, he is very timid. What are the antibiotic that I could give a bird, maybe vitamins. Thanks for all the help. -Tricia

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