not a chicken, but a pigeon amputation urgent problem

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    I rescued a pij two days ago, she obviously needs his/her leg to be amputated, but I do not have the money to do that, Where I live as in many other countries reigns a murder regime for injured birds wild or not if you cannot pay high bills. And that is why I do not take him/her to any rehab.

    I have some pigeons at home I got with a missing leg already, they are ferals then I guess they lost they legs in the wild without any help, probably their legs fell off after months of an injury.

    At the moment i am trying to raise some funds to take him/her to the vet in case of an emergency, but not sure i will get any cent donated, I am just trying to see how can i help him/her without negleting him, he is getting something for inflamation and pain but not yet antibiotics

    I post here because most pigeon forums are infested with racers or greedy vets, sugesting killing healthy birds just because they are injured, they do not nothing for the live and well being of pigeons and I need some humane advice

    Will his/her foot fall anyway off by itself after time?

    It smells pretty bad right now

    Which antibiotics should I give him/her and for how long ?

    Thanks in advance for any practical help

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    Based on my experience I think it will dry up turn black and fall off. Give him/her a basic spectrum of antibiotics and keep him/her warm/comfy. The bird will still have a normal life once the leg has healed and the birds weight returns to normal. Im new to the pigeon breeding game but have had chickens for eggs and show for years. Goodluck.
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    Apr 10, 2012
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    heres some info i found on the internet i hope it helps and it gets better soon.
    first of all need to put pigeon in a makeshift nest of a box with tissue in for warmth. Then place the box in a bigger box and put a heating pad under it for warmth. (under outside of box bottom). Feed the pigeon some wild bird seed and will eat cracker crumbs, love sunflower seeds and peanuts broken up. Not big veggie and fruit eaters. Make sure water is deep enough so it can sip it as they use their beak like a straw and do not gulp water like most birds. Get in comfy and warm as possible.keep it in a dim lit not noisy room.Is there open wound. If bleeding apply cornstarch or flour to area. If cat attack needs antibiotics also asap.
    Usually if you put birds in a box, they will heal themselves.
    You have to put them in a box to make it dark, because once their surroundings become dark they will stop moving- pigeons can't see in the dark, so once they stop moving they will naturally concentrate on healing themselves.

    Clean the wounds with TCP, saline solution or antiseptic spray. Half an aspirin can be given if the pigeon seems in pain. Warmth and quiet are essentialA pinch of sugar in water would also be of benefit. If the breast-bone can be seen or easily felt, there is muscle wastage and the bird is suffering from malnutrition and needs help. In most cases the fatigued pigeon recovers in a day or two and will leave on it's own

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