not a good month - limping hen

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    May 13, 2010
    one of my RIR is the lowest in pecking order and I think that my Cochin Roo was little too ruff (big buiser)
    I do not see bumblefoot, looked several times, she is the only one effected, found her laying on her side with the leg extended.
    Does not dangle, has articulation and rom, no swelling or noted spots of heat. Can contract and curl toes but is unable to stand.

    Poop is kindy greyish and little soft (she doesn't like the pellets my DH bought instead of crumbles).
    Good appetite and drinks well.

    She is in the downstairs shower (would not stay in small tub anymore kepting flying out ) pacing and wants to be out.

    Fearing putting her back out with the rest as she is injured and the lowest pecking order and prime subject for more pecking.

    IF I can get her more mobile by splinting I will- I haven't been able to immobilze her since day 2- she is up and wants to walk. I am hoping that splinting will speed recovery as well. But I am not sure what to splint.. her foot?her ankle? her hip? Really would prefer not to spend another $100 at the vets this month.

    Hate that she is lonely what can I do?
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  2. Chicken Chaperone

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    Hi Coldinnh,
    Poor baby! I wish I had some great tips and advice for ya but I don't have any experience with what you are
    describing. What I can offer is all kinds of good thoughts and prayers for your girl and a little boost for this message in
    the hopes that someone with more knowledge and experience will see it and chime in to help you out! [​IMG]
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    can't help on what to do exactly, but can you bring in a friend to keep her company? It would be more work on you but probably wouldn't be a good idea to put her back with the flock.

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