Not a predator or a pest just a photo to share


May 1, 2019
Hohenwald Tennessee
My Coop
My Coop
I have a 60x25 fenced in pen covered in bird netting. I ran the bird netting to the ground to catch and kill snakes sneaking into the pen. (Youtube it)

A couple days ago I went out to let the flock out and noticed something stuck in the netting.

It was a turtle, alive and well, also Tennessee's state reptile. I let him go unharmed away from the coop near the woods. Just thought i would share



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I used to play with box turtles when I was little, you know, back when you had to create your own fun. :old Anyway, the small town where my grandmother lived, Madill, OK, had fish fry days during the summer. I forgot what the real name of the event was, but one of the things to do (it was held at the town square) was box turtle racing. I think most all the kids would paint designs and such on the turtles’ shells so we could tell them apart. It was fun back then, but would go over like a lead balloon now. I can just imagine the looks the kids would give today if presented with such a “lame” activity. :lau
This I will share. The box turtles we have (Ornate and Three-toed) do fine in the presence of chickens so long as the turtles have a shell length exceeding 3 inches. It is the hatchlings that appear to have disappeared even though nest are largely protected from depredation by raccoons, skunks and armadillos. The chickens are have reduced quality of micro habitat for the young turtles.
The gopher tortoises we have here get quite large. Most often they dig dens along our fence line. Hubby gave it an apple.

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